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Entire French football team suspended

I Guess That’s Why They Call Them The Blues

Fans of the recent European Championships who enjoyed the defeat of home nation France at the hands of underdogs and slightly dull Portugal may get a kick out of this. It was on this day in 2010 that the French national football team LITERALLY IMPLODED. Well no, of course it didn’t literally implode. That would have been hideous. But they did fall apart in a fairly spectacular way which must have been heartbreaking to every French person but fairly amusing to the rest of us. Today was the day that every single member of the French World Cup squad was suspended by their footballing federation at the request of their manager.This all came about due to some shenanigans at the World Cup tournament in South Africa. After some lousy results and some team dissatisfaction, Nicolas Anelka had a barney with the manager, got sent home and so the rest of the squad went on strike in solidarity and refused to train. Perhaps unsurprisingly they lost the rest of their games, finished bottom of their group and looked like prize Gallic wallies. After the tournament, the new manager decided to show them who was boss and suspended the lot of them. For their next friendly they used a completely new team. And lost 2-1. Sacre bleu.