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Launch of Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Thanks For The (Negligible) Memory

Happy birthday to the beloved and downright rubbery Sinclair ZX Spectrum which was launched by Clive Sinclair at the Churchill Hotel on this day in 1982. His previous home computer, the ZX81, had been a big hit but distinctly black and white. Clive wanted a more powerful colour model and so, rather than picking the slightly more obvious ZX82 moniker, called it the Spectrum and slapped a nice rubber buttoned keyboard on the front for good measure.

Considered by some to be the accelerant of the entire UK IT industry, the Spectrum is adored by geeks, who still churn out new games for the console. There are now over 25,000 titles available, possessing their heady mix of blocky graphics and plinky-plinky-plonky music. But can any of them compare in any way with the magnificence of Jet Set Willy? Really? Can they? My frequent carpal tunnel syndrome flare ups are specifically down to Willy and his exploits. You can’t say that about Call of Duty.