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John Denver arrested for drink driving

Failing To Take Me Home, Country Roads

Get ready to enter the Twilight Zone. A fairly lame Twilight Zone. As it was on this very day in 1994 was soft-country pioneer and Milky Bar Kid lookalike John Denver crashed his 1963 Porsche into a tree near his house in Aspen after drinking heavily and reportedly complaining loudly about alimony. He was subsequently charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

But the (vaguely) spooky thing is that one year earlier, ON THE SAME EXACT DAY, Denver was caught drink driving after drowning his sorrows after his second divorce and was sentenced to 28 hours of community service.Could this highly improbably coincidence be down to the fact that Denver wasn’t actually born in Colorado (or West Virginia, as referenced in his biggest hit ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads) but in Roswell, New Mexico? The probable site of Area 51 and the alien hub of North America? Probably not.