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The entire world stopped for an hour in 1980 when chief baddie and big hat wearer JR Ewing was shot during the finale of oil-based drama series Dallas. ‘Who shot JR?’ mania swept the nation with novelty songs, t-shirts, badges and possibly scantily revealing thongs all bearing the speculative phrase were worn by absolutely everybody. Anxious viewers had to wait until November to discover it... Read more >

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He Had His Knockers

Both film and filth fans have a very special reason to celebrate March 21st. It was on this day in 1922 that Russ Meyer, one of the leading pioneers of sexploitation and films featuring ladies on the buxom end of the spectrum, was born. His classics include Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, Mondo Topless and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Some think of him as a genius, others as just a dirty old man ... Read more >

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The Darkest Day in Human History

It’s all a bit of a blur. March 25th, 2015 is just an indistinct mess of tears, wailing and the renting of garments. I think we all remember where we were when we heard about Zayn leaving One Direction. I was outside Zayn’s house, where you’ll find me most evenings.

Except on this occasion I was crying more than usual. Since leaving the band, Zayn has initiated a successful solo ca... Read more >

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Alcatraz Closes

Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco Bay closes down and transfers its last prisoners. At it’s peak period of use in 1950s, “The Rock, or “”America’s Devil Island” housed over 200 inmates at the maximum-security facility. Alcatraz remains an icon of American prisons for its harsh conditions and record for being inescapable.

The twelve-acre rocky island, one and a half mile... Read more >