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World Metrology Day

The Search For WMD is Over

I assume you’ve had this day ringed on your metric calendar (where it would be the 2.7th of Decometre) for a while. Yes, hard to believe I know, but World Metrology Day has rolled around once again. Obviously this doesn’t need to be explained, but just in case, this is the day where we celebrate all things metric, as initially established by the Metre Convention on 1875, which agreed that all global measurements should be uniform and coherent.

Which I didn’t go too well I guess, as they don’t even SPELL the word meter the same in the USA, let alone recognise it as a legitimate until of length.Events planned for this year’s WMD (World Metrology Day) include laboratory visits, displays of highly accurate measuring equipment and a chance to chat with flow measurement experts. But will you be able to measure the excitement you feel while attending these events? No! It will be immeasurable! Probably!