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Instant cup noodles hit the shelves

They’re Noodles in a Cup - But What Should We Call It?

If you’re a student looking this then, please, stop reading immediately and get on with your education. University is very expensive these days and I know your Ma-Ma and Pop-Pop are struggling to keep you at Loughborough. But also, this is a day just for you! It was on this day in 1971 that the genius that is Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant noodles, unleashed the first foam cup-based hot, dehydrated noodle treat in the USA. Initially called Cup O' Noodles, the O was eventually dropped because people realised they weren’t saving that much time by shortening the word ‘of’.By 1977, this wondrous world of noodles swimming in hot water with a saucy package element had reached the UK and the Pot Noodle brand was launched by Golden Wonder. The crisp people. Now the factory in Croespenmaen, Wales typically produces 175 million pots every year with flavours ranging from Bombay Bad Boy to Sticky Rib. Yum! Now say thank you to Mr Ando. You’d all starve without him.