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Sheffield FC is Founded

League Of Their Own

Sheffield has spawned many great things. Sean Bean. The Human League. The Oasis food court at Meadowhall Centre. But surely the most impressive is the indomitable Sheffield FC, the oldest football club in the world. Founded on this day in 1857, they’re still going strong. Two forward thinking individuals, Nathaniel Creswick and William Prest, decided that football needed a bit of organisation, so set up the club and devised the first rules for the games, called ‘Sheffield Rules’ which introduced many of the laws that still govern the game.In 1860, the team faced Hallam FC in the first ever local derby, a fixture that still takes place to this day. The team have been honoured with a FIFA order of merit, the only team to get that accolade other than the mighty Real madrid, and for their 150th anniversary, Pele popped down to Sheffield for a kickabout in order to celebrate the occasion.