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Clark Kent's Birthday

If You Want To Annoy Him, Get Him a Spiderman Cake Like the Queen, Superman has many birthdays. And why not? I mean he can fly and has x-ray vision, so why shouldn’t have birthdays whenever he wants to? In the 1950s, his birth month was identified as October. Then in the 60s and 70s, the date of his birthday was moved to February 29th for some weird reason.

December 1st has also been mentioned as the moment the man in tights blows out his candles in an aggressively dramatic manner while wearing a cape. But amongst this myriad of dates is June 18th, which is the date that the Kent family found little Kal-El from Krypton and dubbed him plain old Clark Kent.

Obviously, he wasn’t born on the same day as he was found. Mama Superman didn’t pop him out, hurl him into the nearest escape pod and fire him towards Earth. But if we are to believe the 1958 issue of Action Comics #241, then Clark picked his ‘discovery in a Kansas field’ as the day to celebrate getting older. And who are we to argue? He’s much bigger and stronger than us, even with his glasses on.