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Fulfilling Your Emojinal Needs

July 17th? July 17th? Now why does that date fill my heart with unparalleled glee and unfettered happiness? Of course! July 17th is the date that appears on the Apple calendar emoji! This one: And emojis are my whole, entire life! Since they arrived in the late 1990s and were installed into the iPhone (and later Android and every other sort of smartphone device) emojis have arguably changed the way we communicate, to the point where the ‘crying with laughter’ face (this: ) was the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year in 2015.

So why was July 17th used for both the calendar and notepad emoji? Sadly there is no great conspiracy theory behind it. It isn’t the day that Apple plan to finally take over there world or the scheduled appointment for the Singularity. It is, in fact, the date that the Apple iCal premiered at a conference in 2002. Which does not make me want to but is all a bit .