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On this day:

Prince William receives A Level results

William the (Exam) ConquerorIf you, or those around you, are currently clutching sweaty palms and continually repeating phrases along the lines of: ‘OMG OMG I’ll just die if I can’t go to Loughborough’ then it’s fair to assume that they are waiting for exam results. It can be a trying and nerve-wracking time. Unless, like me, you decided to forego traditional education and learn everything from Dora the Explorer and Countdown.

But even the great and good must face this same humiliating experience. And so, on this day in the year 2000, Prince William himself faced the brown envelope containing his A-level results. Although his was probably presented on a silver platter by a man in a powdered wig.Thankfully, this regal Einstein managed to smash it with Bs in history of art and a C in biology. This meant he could attend his first choice place and study at St Andrews, the oldest university in Scotland. Who knows what would have happened to him if he had failed? We probably would never have heard from him again.