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John Prescott throws a punch at a protestor

They Call Him Two Jabs

Happy John Prescott Punching Someone Day! Did you leave out a pint of Best Bitter for the Prescott Genie to consume and hang out your colourful Prescott stocking? If not, how are you going to get all those sumptuous John Prescott Punching Someone Day gifts! To the uninitiated, on this day in 2001, the Labour Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, took exception to a protestor hurling an egg at him during a walkabout in Rhyl.

The MP offered his egg-sailant a left jab which turned into a fairly undignified tussle and some general rolling around on the ground before the police stepped in.The whole thing was soundtracked by blaring music from Prescott’s ‘Battle Bus’ and was filmed by the world’s media. Which was all a bit embarrassing. The egg thrower, Craig Evans, was upset by the governments treatment of the farming industry. Mr Prescott was upset by the amount of albumin on his lapels.