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First sighting of the Surrey Puma

The Original Top Cat

So what is the difference between a big cat and a Big Cat? That’s the ideal question to bark at Ernest Jellet, a waterworks worker and concerned member of the public, who had a bit of a fright on this day in 1962. He was romping near a reservoir, as is his want, when he saw a rabbit being chased by a ‘longer than usual’ cat. Yes, Ernest had come face to snout with the legendary Surrey Puma.

This slightly mythical beast has been spotted in the Surrey area from Victorian times to about ten minutes ago. It could be an Iberian Lynx. One spotter described it as resembling a ‘small lion’. A farmer claimed to have shot the beast in 1968, but when pressed for evidence couldn’t provide any. Which is a bit rubbish really. But whatever it is, it’s feline in aspect, aggressive and makes a number of ‘strange noises’. Though that could be describing any number of Surrey residents.