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Just Like The Film ‘Bruno’, What Follows Isn’t Funny

Boxing. The sport of kings. Or is that horse racing? Or chess? The answer is impossible to ever know. But what we do know is that on this day in 1996, cuddly, loveable British boxer (and WBC world heavyweight champion) Frank Bruno faced nasty, mean, smelly Mike Tyson who had recently been released from prison. In the Hollywood version of the fight, nice guy Frank should have defeated the evil b... Read more >

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Sweet FA

Great big baggy shorts, balls the consistency of galvanised steel, life-altering tackles on a regular basis and frequent cigarette breaks. This is when football really was football. The first ever FA Cup final, which happened today in 1872, featured Wanderers and Royal Engineers and, we’re sure, many magnificent moustaches. The only goal was scored by Wanderer’s Morton Betts, who played und... Read more >