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Emperor Hirohito announces Japan’s unconditional surrender

On this day in 1945, Emperor Hirohito of Japan announces the news of his country's unconditional surrender in World War II over a radio broadcast to the Japanese people. After meeting with the Soviet Union in Potsdam, near Berlin, to determine post-war terms for defeated Germany, the governments of the United States and Great Britain (together with China) issued an ultimatum to the Japanese gov... Read more >

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Harvey Smith disqualified from British Show Jumping Derby

Horse Nonsense

Today we recognise a grump, a contrarian and a true British hero. Harvey Smith was not your typical show jumper. Unlike his rather fancy upper class compatriots, Harvey was from Yorkshire and delighted telling you about it at every possibly opportunity. His blunt manner often got him into trouble - such as on this day in 1971 when he made a two-fingered 'V... Read more >