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Birth of Fredric John Baur, inventor of the Pringles can

From my own personal knowledge, at least nine people who have featured in this column have been buried in Pringles cans. But only ONE of these many individuals was born on this day in 1918. And that hero is the inventor of the Pringles can Fredric John Baur. He devised the iconic design for the packaging (and helped create the Pringle itself) in 1967, when other people were out having fun at free love festivals and hippy jamborees. But that’s Fred for you. And yes, as per his final instructions, Fred had part of his cremated remains buried in a Pringles receptacle when he went to that great salty snack manufacturing facility in the sky in 2008. The flavour the family picked as a makeshift urn? Original. Which isn’t very original. Though he did many Pringle related things, Fred was not responsible for the dapper man with the moustache who has peered out from the packaging since the beginning. His name is Julius. Julius Pringles.