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Sewing Machine Day

If you hear a electronic humming sound emanating from the open windows of British households while you are prowling the streets… don’t panic. Because today is the day we celebrate all things sewing machine! Yes, it’s the holiday where we consider the electrical stitching device and declare: “Thank you.” We’re not sure why sewing machines get to be recognised in this way rather than irons or trouser presses, but I suppose they’ve got a better agent.

The history of the machine is fraught and confusing - a bit like sewing itself. Many craftsmen, between Germany, France and Britain created rudimentary versions of a stitching device with Thomas Saint patented the first actual sewing machine in 1790. Many others piled on his design, improving and adapting it. The first electric devices were developed by the Singer Sewing Co. which was introduced in 1889 and became a invaluable household implement for home clothe manufacture. Until we all started buying our clothes from Primark.