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Tiger Woods wins first US Masters

Lion Irons is More Catchy Golf!

You see, I knew that would make you sit up and take notice. Nothing grabs the casual internet users attention like the thought of men in colourful trousers attempting to flick a small ball into a slightly larger hole using only an iron stick. But the sedate golfing universe was about to suffer a cataclysmic upheaval thanks to the arrival of a single jungle animal: Tiger. Before this date, Tiger Woods was just a bafflingly precocious golfing freak - appearing on TV shows and exhibitions to show off his incredible skills.

But, in 1997, he arrived.Tiger not only won the prestigious US Masters on this day in ’97, just a few weeks after turning professional, he trounced the opposition by amassing an astounding 12 stroke win. A record that has never been beaten. Tiger went on to win every tournament going and stay as the sport’s number one for most of the following decade. But success went to his head, and his trousers, and a number of ‘personal issues’ derailed his career somewhat.