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The Most Boring Day in History

The Worst Day in History

We believe in full disclosure here at History. While we are happy to divulge historical days teeming with remarkable events and epoch-shattering happenings, we also feel it is our duty to point out the less edifying occasions. And so, after analysing 300 million facts, birthdays, events and occurrences, the boffins at the helm of computer programme True Knowledge concluded that April 11th, 1954 was the most boring day in history.

Hardly anyone notable was born, nothing crashed, no one was shot, little was built and no memorable limericks were written. It seems the most interesting feature on the day in question was an election in Belgium. And it was a Sunday, so even most of the shops were shut. All of us at History would like to apologise profusely for this very, very poor 24 hours and promise that, in future, we will endeavour to make sure that such a lacklustre day will never happen again.