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First pillar boxes installed in London

On this day in history the first 6 pillar boxes were installed in London. Now a British icon, these original post boxes were rectangular in shape and were removed within two years after the council received complaints from the general public that they were unattractive.

A replica of one of these original boxes can now be viewed in Botchergate, Carlisle. In 1859, the first national standard postal box was introduced, designed in the cylinder style commonly found today. These original boxes were green and it was not until 1874 that they were changed to the red design we have now.

This became the official design throughout the UK and soon one of the nation’s most recognisable symbols. Postal boxes have taken on many different shapes and sizes over the years, with several different experimental designs introduced. Today, the most common postal designs found across the country include the traditional cylinder design, and the wall and lamp box designs. The Royal Mail has around 115,300 postboxes in the UK.Take a look at the five strangest things ever to be sent via post.