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Note of Caution

If there is currently a painful bulge in the pocket of your dungarees caused by a overabundance of one pound coins thanks to a low level fruit machine win, you can blame March 11th 1988. As it was on this day that we finally bade farewell to the one pound note, replacing it with the Toffo coloured coin currently giving your bumbag so much gyp. Tell kids today that there was once a one pound not... Read more >

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Bombs explode on Madrid trains

On this day in 2004, 191 people are killed andnearly 2,000are injured when 10 bombs explode on four trains in three Madrid-area train stations during a busy morning rush hour. The bombs were later found to have been detonated by mobile phones.The attacks, the deadliest against civilians on European soil since the 1988 Lockerbie airplane bombing, were initially suspected to be the work of... Read more >