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Italy win the second ever World Cup

Viva Italia!

This was the sentiment being expressed by Italians (or at least those who liked football and/or winning things) as today in 1934 Italy won the second ever World Cup, beating Czechoslovakia 2–1 in the final. Unlike the slick and controversy free organisation that it is today, FIFA had helped to turn the tournament into a bit of a disaster. All of the British home nations didn’t bother to participate. The previous champions Uruguay didn’t bother entering.

And many nations were annoyed that Italy got to host the championships, a decision made by FIFA executives behind closed doors. Only four non-European teams made the finals and they were all defeated after a single match. The Czechs and Italians met at the snappily titled Stadium of the National Fascist Party and were tied 1-1 after 90 minutes. Then Angelo Schiavio scored his fourth goal of the tournament in the 95th minute, ensuring victory for the host nation. Italy would go on to win the cup three more times (to date).