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Ian Botham 'just couldn‘t quite get his leg over' during test match

Being Bowled a Googly

Prepare to be royally tickled. There are some moments of sporting commentary that bring a lump to the throat and a tear to the eye. The 1966 world cup win, Jonny Wilkinson’s victorious drop kick, Harry Carpenter encouraging Frank Bruno when battling Mike Tyson. But the number one piece of British sporting commentary, as voted for by the public, was considered so funny it actually created a traffic jam caused by chortling drivers who heard it live and couldn’t drive any further.

During a test match at the Oval against West Indies on this day in 1991, Ian ‘The Beef’ Botham stumbled and tried to leap over his own stumps, but couldn’t quite manage it. He knocked them off and was ruled out. During a recap of the game, commentator Jonathan Agnew told Brian Johnston "He just couldn‘t quite get his leg over”. Johnston then completely lost it and was unable to continue for several minutes due to hysteria. It is truly one of the funniest radio moments ever. If you need cheering up, dig it out on YouTube and have a giggle.