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On this day:

It was all just a dream for Dallas

Losing The Plot

Up until the mid 1980’s, television executives had never ever made a mistake. They possessed a completely unblemished record when it came to the entertainment they offered and audiences were thoroughly satisfied. But a violent bump in the road occurred during the eighth season of the massively popular oil-based soap opera Dallas. Actor Patrick Duffy wanted out and so his character Bobby was killed off by car.But without Bobby, the producers soon realised that Dallas was nothing.

By season 10, they wanted him back and it was on this day in 1986 that they announced that the character would miraculously resurrect. But how could they possibly write this return into the script with credibility? Did he fake his death? Was there some Illuminati orchestrated conspiracy? Aliens? No, the entire previous season turned out to be a dream concocted by Bobby’s wife. He was actually in the shower for a year and everything went back to normal. The entire viewing population said ‘huh?’ and would have expressed their fury on the internet - but luckily that had yet to be invented.