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Yuri Malenchenko becomes first person to marry in space

Getting Married While High

So, where did you get married? WRONG! Wherever it was, no matter how picturesque or EastEnders themed, it could not beat the wedding destination of one Yuri Malenchenko who, as well as being romantic, was also Russian. Because on this day in 2003 Yuri (and to a lesser extent fiancee Ekaterina Dmitrieva) became the first person to get married…in space.

While Yuri was hurtling above the Earth in the International Space Station and Elena was down below in Texas, Earth, they pledged their troth cosmonaut style. The bride wore white while Yuri added a bowtie to his blue spacesuit ensemble. Best man and fellow astronaut Edward Lu played the wedding march on a portable keyboard while a proxy took Yuri’s place at Ekaterina’s side. However the Russians, as they do, tried to spoil the fun for everyone.

They frowned upon the union, claiming serving military personnel couldn’t marry foreigners (even in space), though public opinion forced them to back down. However they put rules in place ensuring no future cosmonauts could get up to the same thing. So Yuri will probably be the ONLY person ever married in space. Which is nice.