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Rapper Biz Markie is born

Show Love For The Biz

Some people deem Christmas as their favourite celebratory day of the year. Others are fond of Easter while Pancake Day has its proponents. But for any aficionados of hip-hop or rapping-type music, April 8th is a day of exultant wonder. For it was on this day that the genius Marcel Theo Hall, AKA Biz Markie, was born. Known, by some, as the ‘clown ... Read more >

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Kurt Cobain Found Dead

On April 8, 1994, rock star Kurt Cobain was found dead in his home outside Seattle, Washington, with fresh injection marks in both arms and a fatal wound to the head from the 20-gauge shotgun found between his knees. Cobain’s suicide brought an end to a life marked by far more suffering than is generally associated with rock superstardom. But rock sup... Read more >