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Swedish Town Invaded by Twins

Twin Town

If you were visiting the town of Felixstowe on this day in 1977, you may have become very, very freaked out indeed. As, for scientific reasons, ninety pairs of Swedish identical twins, all dressed in identical clothing, descended on the town and went shopping. Ranging in age from 11 to 80, the whole thing was devised by Sune Dahlström, who was also a twin and was part of a project called called the Swedish Twin Register, devised by the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.Looking into inks between the environment and twinny behaviour, the group of lookalikes cruised to Suffolk aboard the Tor Scandinavia before being set free and encouraged to spend in Felixstowe’s hippest boutiques. It was hoped that the siblings might have picked different clothing for themselves and exhibited some kind of individuality. Why Felixstowe was chosen, rather than a Swedish destination which would be a lot closer and a lot cheaper, is lost to the annals of science. But no matter what the final conclusions were: it was weird.