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International Join Hands Day

Please, it should only be the hands that are joined Not that you need telling, as it’s been heavily ringed with thick felt tip on your calendar for months now, but today is International Join Hands Day! As the organisers are desperate to point out, this day does not involve going up to complete strangers in the street and frantically shaking their hands and other body parts. Or even approaching people that you know and doing a similar thing.

In fact its a day that tries to get young people and old people involved in community events and bridging the gap in the generations. Which sounds dangerous to me. That gap is there for a reason. We shouldn’t be messing around with the gap.Though how you’re supposed to get anything done while your hands are joined is a mystery to me. It just seems to be applying a layer of hinderance to the entire enterprise. I feel that ‘International Keep Several Inches Apart From Each Other And Then Paint a Fence Or Something' would make a lot more sense. And I believe that domain name is currently available.