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Birth of the Internet

Before This Date, Cats Were Just Cats

The internet has many parents, many inventors and many, many birthdays. But if we are going to pick one particular date to send it a card and a big, flaming cake, it may as well be today. On April 7th 1969, the first RFC or ‘Request for Comments’ document was published. And what does the RFC actually do? Something hard and maths-like and computery I would imagine. But, in short, it allowed early computing engineers to share data and ideas and lay the groundwork for this whole internet malarkey.And where would we be without the internet in all its forms? Well, for one, you’d be reading this information in a printed journal at your local library while sitting next to a man who smells like dandruff and oranges. And rather than leaving a relevant pithy comment beneath the article, you would have to scrawl your feelings, longhand, in the margins of the article until you’re reprimanded by an angry lady wearing stern spectacles. Can you imagine such a horror?