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Every Child On Earth Has Had a Small Plastic Hotel Stuck Up Their Nose

As any extremely boring person you’re trapped at the bar with who has seen that particular edition of QI will tell you, Monopoly was originally invented as a critical swipe against capitalism and known as The Landlords Game. But the world wasn’t quite ready for critical board games (and still isn’t) so Charles Darrow tweaked the original idea, threw in a few small metal dogs and irons, an... Read more >

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Hold Me Closer Waxy Dancer

And it seems to me he lived his life like a wax thing in a room. Yes, it was on this particular day in 1976 that the old Rocket Man himself, Elton John, was immortalised and displayed at London's Madame Tussaud’s museum. Or showroom. Or whatever it’s called. This was classic, large-spectacled, low-haired Elton, though his likeness had been updated as his piano pounding career has progressed... Read more >