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Pearl Harbor is bombed

At 7:55 a.m. Hawaii time, a Japanese dive bomber bearing the red symbol of the Rising Sun of Japan on its wings appears out of the clouds above the island of Oahu. A swarm of 360 Japanese warplanes followed, descending on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor in a ferocious assault. The surprise attack struck a critical blow against the U.S. Pacific fleet and drew the United States irrevocably in... Read more >

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Cat Halts Steeplejack

Of all my favourite celebrity steeplejacks, certainly one who makes the top ten is the legendary Fred Dibnah. If you were a TV viewer in the 1980s or 90s, it was hard to avoid Fred who was forever clambering up enormous industrial chimneys and plotting a way to bring them down again. He was the star of numerous television documentaries and at one point, unless this was some sort of wonderful fe... Read more >