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Birth of the Internet

Before This Date, Cats Were Just Cats

The internet has many parents, many inventors and many, many birthdays. But if we are going to pick one particular date to send it a card and a big, flaming cake, it may as well be today. On April 7th 1969, the first RFC or ‘Request for Comments’ document was published. And what does the RFC actually do? Something hard and maths-... Read more >

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William Wordsworth is Born

William Wordsworth, one of the founders of the Romantic school of poetry, is born.

Born near England’s Lake District in 1770, Wordsworth lost his mother when he was eight and his father five years later. He attended Cambridge, then traveled in Europe, taking long walking tours with friends through the mountains.

While studying in France in 1791, Wordsworth fell in love an... Read more >