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First contact with Extra Terrestrials

I Hope That Captain’s Log Has Been Sustainably Sourced

Yes, the clue is in the name. We are HISTORY and obviously we love history in all of its chunky, slinky forms. But now and again we like to gaze in the other direction and hope that we don’t upset our friends over at our sister Future Channel. But it will be on this day, in 2063, that we will finally make first contact with extra terrestrials for the first time.

How do we know? We have no better source than Star Trek who, in the film First Contact, documented this monumental alien meet up. And not just any old aliens, but its the Vulcans that we bump into during an intergalatic joy ride in the Earth’s first warpable space ship. This is all explained by Captain Picard who chases the Borg who have used time travel to change history and… you know what, you should probably just watch it. That would take less time.