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May the fourth be with you

Waste of Space

I’m trying to recall any other national days that are based solely on puns. In fact, I’m trying to recall anything worthy anywhere that’s based on a pun. And frankly nothing is leaping to mind. But Star Wars and its aficionados are a confusing bunch, so they’ve managed to wangle a day for themselves based on the fact that ‘May the fourth’ sounds a little bit like ‘may the force’ which, apparently, is something that one of the Star Wars men said once.

Though the punning phrase was first used in a newspaper headline back in the 1970’s (in relation to Margaret Thatcher) it wasn’t until 2011 that a May the 4th Stars Wars celebration event was organised in Toronto. But now May the 4th has exploded into an international commemoration of the Ewok based film franchise, with events occurring at Disneyland, at sporting events and at any place where sci-fi nerds congregate.

So successful has it been that now May the 5th has also been adopted by some, as a celebration of the ‘Dark Side’ as it sounds a bit like ‘Sith’. Our thoughts go out to their families. What life did you lead a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away? Find out with this Star Wars Name Generator from Hawkin. Are you a smuggler hailing from Corellia like the famous Han Solo? Or a Jedi knight from Coruscant destined for greatness?