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International Bacon Day

Telling Porkies Oh joy!

Oh wonder! Oh what a marvellous day this is! Unless you happen to be a pig. Yes, as you all know, as it has been emblazoned on your British Pork Producers calendar for so many months now, today is International Bacon Day! The day when we celebrate all things streaky, smoky and occasionally Danish. And while bacon can certainly be considered a contender for our national dish (at least as a constituent of a Full English Breakfast or FEB as I call it to save time), those crazy Yanks in crazy Yankee Doodle land are vying for the title of ‘porkiest nation on Earth’. In 2013, bacon buying (and subsequent eating) hit an all-time high in the USA. Bizarre concoctions such as Baconaisse (mayonnaise mixed with bacon for the connoisseur on the go), chocolate covered bacon and bacon jam have taken the nation by storm and ensured that they get EVEN MORE BACON into their bodies somehow. And for that - we salute you.