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Tea Rationing Ends

Trouble Brewing

Hard to imagine now, as you swill back your 14th cuppa of the day and instinctively reach for the kettle switch to begin the process all over again - but once upon a time, unlimited tea drinking existed only in the realms of fantasy. Among one of the many terrible things that Hitler was responsible for during the Second World War was food rationing in general and tea rationing in particular. During the conflict, an adult was allowed just 50g of sweet, sweet Rosie Lee per week. That’s the amount the average builder consumes EVERY SECOND typically in the UK at the moment.But on this glorious day in 1952, all that horribleness came to an end as it was announced that tea rationing was finally finished. British citizens could hit the shops and buy as much of the stuff as they wished. They could bathe in it, they could tell the future with it, they could dress monkeys up and force them to pretend they enjoyed drinking it. Anything and everything was on the cards. Take that Hitler!