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On this day:

First iPad Released

Keep Taking The Tablets

What did we ever do before the iPad, the Apple device that first went on sale on this day in 2010? I know what we did. We sat around thinking, ‘I really need a gadget that is too large to fit in any pocket comfortably and yet not big enough that I can successfully read the subtitles when I’m watching Borgen on it’.

The wonks at Mac listened to our pleas and soon Steve Jobs was on stage in a turtleneck screaming ‘IT’S CALLED AN IPAD AND YOU WILL BUY IT!’ at all of us.And buy it we did. Over 250 million of the blighters have been shifted in various forms and versions in those few short years and now they feel like an extra electronic limb that we could never do without. And they are still the best way to quell a screaming child quiet on any type of public transport. And for that we can be thankful.