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First successful heart transplant

On 3rd December 1967, 53-year-old Lewis Washkansky receives the first successful heart transplant in Cape Town, South Africa. Washkansky, a grocer who suffered from chronic heart disease, received the transplant from Denise Darvall, a 25-year-old woman who was fatally injured in a car accident. Surgeon Christiaan Barnard performed the revolutionary medical operation, which was a success.

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Rocky is Released

Altogether now! Ner-Der-Derrrrr, Der-Der-Derrrrrrr. Yes, as that unmistakable music indicates, today we are celebrating that remarkable movie marvel Rocky, which turns 40 years old today. Total nobody (at the time) and occasional naughty film participant Sylvester Stallone had the idea for a film concerning a rags to riches boxer after watching the bout between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner in ... Read more >