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Stirling Moss wins Italian Grand Prix

Fangio For The Memories

If you love speed (and we know that you do) your heart may beat a little more aggressively knowing that, on this day in 1956, the great Stirling Moss won the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. It was the final race of that year’s championship and saw some pretty remarkable acts of sportsmanship - the kind that you probably wouldn’t encounter with the pampered, Pussycat Doll dating, headphone wearing drivers of today. Going into the race, Juan Manuel Fangio was leading the Drivers' Championship by eight points. He just had to finish successfully to win the title. But Fangio was forced to retire when his car conked out. His teammate Luigi Musso was told to hand over his vehicle so Fangio could win the race and the championship. But he refused. But Brit Peter Collins, who could have taken the title for himself if he’d won the race, sportingly gave Fangio his car. Fangio came second behind Moss and secured the title. Magnificent stuff.