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Government passes Betting and Gaming Act allowing introduction of betting shops

All Bets Are On!

If you’re a person who enjoys a flutter, bet or game of chance, then today is a day to rejoice! As on September 1st 1960, the government decided to allow betting shops to exist for the first time ever. In eighteen months time. But don’t worry gambling fans, as you would only have slightly less time to bet small sums on games of skill like bridge. Phew! Prior to the introduction of betting shops, wagering took place at racecourses or over the phone via bookmakers, if you could prove that you had a valid line of credit. It was all a bit complicated. Hard to imagine now when betting shops tend to dominate our high streets and television screens. (Always remember. When the fun stops. Stop.) But the British public took betting shops to their Tote-filled hearts and once the legislation had kicked in, they were soon opening at a rate of 100 a week. Casinos were also opened in the UK for the first time. No more jetting off to Monaco every time you wanted to play roulette. Hurrah!