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First news report of cricket match between US and UK

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Attempts to impose British or ‘proper’ sports on our American cousins have, so far, been met with mixed results. Football (or, as they delightfully refer to it ‘soccering’) has started to take after a plethora of attempts. A recent rugby match between the USA and New Zealand sold out a 60,000 seat stadium in Chicago. But cricket? Fuhgeddaboudit! They have their own ball and wooden implement based sport. It’s called baseball and they are very happy with that for the moment, thank you very much.But you might be surprised to learn that cricket has actually been played stateside for centuries. There have been mentions in diaries and advertisements since the early 1700’s. But the first news report of an actual match occurred on this day in 1751. The fantastically named New York Weekly Post Boy covered a match between a London XI battling a New York XI in the Big Apple. And the New Yorkers won! And yet they still refused to adopt it as a regularly played sport. Now that just isn’t cricket.