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Here are the key characters from HISTORY's Second World War espionage thriller X Company.

Meet the X Company

HISTORY’s espionage thriller X Company tells the story of one of the most incredible secrets of the Second World War, the activities of Allied spies in Occupied France.

The X Company is made up of ordinary people trained to do something extraordinary, go behind enemy lines and bring down the German army from the inside.

The series stars Évelyne Brochu, Jack Laskey, Warren Brown and Connor Price who play characters plucked out of normality and thrust into the war. Here’s everything you need to know about the key characters in the series from photographic memories, to martial arts, to a French resistance leader.

Aurora Luft (Évelyne Brochu)

Aurora Luft from X Company played by Évelyne Brochu

Aurora Luft played by Évelyne Brochu.

The multilingual Aurora was born to a French-Canadian mother and a Jewish-German father. A journalist by trade, Luft was a Resistance organizer in Paris until a raid shut the group down. Managing to escape, she went underground and headed for London.

In London, she came to the attention of the military, her abilities with languages, ambition and leadership qualities standing out. Camp X, a leadership position, and a return to Occupied France came knocking. Now, back behind enemy lines, Aurora is undercover and leading the X Company.

Alfred Graves (Jack Laskey)

Alfred Graves from X Company played by Jack Laskey

Alfred Graves played by Jack Laskey.

Alfred, who lived and worked in Toronto before the war, suffers from a rare condition called Synesthesia which effects his senses. As a result, Alfred can relate memories to what he sees, hears and smell. This has given him an unusually powerful memory which allows him to remember almost everything.

Alfred’s high levels of intelligence make him an ideal candidate for a code breaker in the X Company, but his emotional and fragile character can cause problems. While he is sometimes perceived as difficult, the team know that his growth, success and intelligence might just be the key to victory.

Neil Mackay (Warren Brown)

Neil Mackay X Company played by Warren Brown

Neil Mackay played by Warren Brown.

Before the war, Neil was London copper ensuring law and order in the British capital. After enlisting in the army, he was sent to Shanghai, China where he was assigned to the anti-riot squad. Things didn’t go as planned, while in China Neil was attacked and beaten almost to death by a local street gang.

While the road to recovery was a long one, it was also beneficial one. It gave him time to train in the local style of hand to hand combat and his character developed. Now, Neil is a black belt in martial arts and backs himself in any one-on-one situation.

Harry James (Connor Price)

Harry James X Company played by Connor Price.

Harry James played by Connor Price.

The baby of Aurora’s team, Harry was selected for training while he was studying at the University of Toronto. While at school Harry was an amateur radio developer and has experience with sending messages across the airwaves and in creating the devices do it. Subsequently Harry is the gadget man of the group, thinking up, building and fixing the tools needed for victory.

Harry, often to the concern of his team, refuses to let his youth and lack of experience hold him back. He is often driven by his incredible sense of optimism which sometimes falls into naivety, but his ability to fix things makes him integral to the X Company.