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WW2 House Live, a HISTORY live event was broadcast on Sunday 8th of October at 3pm.

The Story of the Second World War Experience

Broadcast over six hours live on Facebook, HISTORY told the story of the Second World War in a way never told before.

WW2 House Live brought together archive speeches, Daily Mirror headlines, music, Imperial War Museum stories and scripted news reports and advice to chronicle the six years of the war.

The unique broadcast also included first and second-hand testimony of the people that lived through events like The Blitz, food rationing, the Dam Busters raid and D-Day - all sourced live from viewer comments and inserted to create an immersive and interactive experience.

Part : 1939 to 1942

Part 2: 1942 to 1945

Everyone has a personal story from the Second World War, be it their experience or how the events of 1939 to 1945 effected their friends and relatives, and WW2 House Live brought that together.

It is important to share the memories of what a generation of people experienced to ensure that we never forget the sacrifices made. Reading about so many viewers searching out elderly relatives to learn about what they went through is heart-warming and makes the fantastic efforts of all those involved worthwhile.

Sam Pearson, Producer

WW2 House Live is part of HISTORY's brand new season World War True. Through a combination of exclusive UK premieres, including documentaries, drama, personal accounts and classic films, the season will delve into the conflict to reveal some of the war’s lesser-known stories.

WW2 House Live Summary