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Major John Sturgis' D-Day, D-Day hero, sitting next to his granddaughter India.

Major John Sturgis' D-Day

It wasn't until India Sturgis interviewed her grandfather that her family knew the full extent of his contribution to the war effort.

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Major John Sturgis' D-Day | World War True

"My Grandfather is Major John Sturgis, he was one of the first onto the beaches on D-Day. "

India and her family knew that their grandfather had been awarded the military cross. But it wasn't until a school project when India was thirteen that the truth came out.

This episode is one 12 short films commisioned by HISTORY for World War True. Each episode recounts some of the personal stories of the Second World War. Each one is told by individuals for whom the conflict continues to have a very real impact on their lives. These are the stories you might hear from your neighbours, friends or family members.