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Welcome to Stephen's garage.

Your Answers to Stephen Taylor’s Unidentified Objects

Stephen Taylor's garage is a garage like no other, you won’t find any fast cars or basketball nets here. In this garage, you’ll find an obsessive collection of Second World War relics, the body of over twenty years of work. From Bullets and helmets to basic items including the toothpaste used by US servicemen, the expert from WW2 Treasure Hunters has left no stone unturned in his search for WW2 memorabilia.

But, even Stephen, the Lionel Messi of Relic Hunting doesn’t know everything. We put a call out in early October to ask if you the HISTORY audience could help him identify three items in his collection - frankly, if you can’t help him he’s in real trouble.

Here are a some of your answers to the items that have had Stephen scratching his head for years…

But what would Stephen say to the answers above? We sent them over to him and eagerly awaited his response…

“Thanks for all the comments on the unidentified objects, but unfortunately we have no winner so far,” Stephen told us. “Sadly, none of the above were right…”

Stephen took them seriously mind, especially Shaun’s M2 Claw suggestion, telling us, “I've checked on the M2 feed claw but can't find it in the parts manual…”

Tiago’s suggestion has been considered too, “I've also checked on the M1 Garand bayonet mount but I am struggling to see how this is possible. The M1 Garand has a bayonet lug and the bayonet fits over the barrel and onto the lug, so a mount isn't necessary.”

And finally, "it seems any reference to oil filters, coils and dynamo mounts are possible, however, every single item recovered from this dump pit has been weapon related. We have never found any vehicles parts at all, so I doubt it is that. I have a feeling that this item is a mount from an MG, probably water cooled - Browning M1917 or Vickers - or with a big barrel shroud, perhaps a Lewis,” and so the mystery continues.

Please do send them over any other suggestions you might have on the items, don’t be disheartened!

Do you have a suggestion for what you think it they could be? Comment on Facebook or mention us on Twitter and we’ll put it to the expert!