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Sal LaBarbera

Sal LaBarbera, known as the “LA Murder Cop,” is a retired LAPD homicide detective and former LAPD Senior Homicide Supervisor. LaBarbera is infamously known as one of the most decorated homicide detectives in the country. As a former detective in south Los Angeles, LaBarbera faced one of the toughest crime beats in the city. Along with investigating several hundred cases, LaBarbera has been involved in over 5,000 murder investigations.

As one of the department’s senior homicide supervisors, LaBarbera’s reputation gained him notoriety in the field of homicide investigations and he has taught homicide and crime scene investigations to both police recruits and detectives. LaBarbera has written and designed a homicide task force with the FBI, the first in the nation, and has been recognized by the D.O.J. as a “blueprint” for similar violent crime task forces throughout the country.