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Please note: This is an archived webpage for a show that no longer airs on Sky HISTORY

The Woodsman on Sky HISTORY

The Woodsman

There are few places left in America that are truly wild. Long ago, pioneers and explorers pushed into the last remaining unclaimed territories. But for a few brave souls, there's still one area that remains untouched and primitive: the towering tree tops of the Pacific Northwest. These men call the trees home. Stretching from northern Idaho's Wild Sawtooth Range to the jagged shores of Washington's Orcas Island, these tree people live on their own terms and battle Mother Nature in pursuit of their own American Dream. Not just anyone can live in the trees. These men are highly skilled engineers and builders. They've constructed complex tree dwellings that make any activity possible from 50 feet up in the air. They hunt, fish, sleep, and do almost anything from their tree forts. They face extreme danger in the form of forest fires, lightning storms, mudslides and predators. Every episode of Tree People will feature four character pods battling nature and building incredible tree structures. There will be impressive season-long builds and MacGyver style "treegenuity" at every turn.

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