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The Unxplained season 1 part B: episode guide

Episode 1 – The Oak Island Curse Tuesday 9th June at 9pm

Could a cache of fantastic riches have been buried centuries ago on a tiny island in the North Atlantic? And if such a treasure exists, who buried it. For more than 200 years, treasure hunters have been coming to Oak Island in search of a treasure that has so far eluded them all, and has even cost six men their lives. Could it be that, as legend suggests, the treasure is protected by a deadly curse?

Episode 2 – Dark Prophecies Tuesday 16th June at 9pm

Modern prophets. Catastrophic premonitions. Dreams of future crimes. Can people really predict the future. And if so, can we harness this knowledge to avoid the deadly events waiting in the days to come. Or is the future an unknowable mystery unfolding all the time?

Episode 3 – Lost Civilizations Tuesday 23rd June at 9pm

During the 9th century, millions of Maya abandoned their city centres located in the Guatemalan highlands, leading many to wonder – why? Emerging technologies have shown that the population was much larger and more warlike than we'd ever imagined. But many experts wonder: does the timing of their exodus suggest a more spiritual explanation?

Episode 4 – Deadly Cults Tuesday 30th June at 9pm

Deadly dances. Masters of manipulation. Mass suicides. Murder. Many of the world’s deadliest cults ventured down dark, dangerous rabbit-holes of twisted ideologies, persuading their members to kill–sometimes other people, sometimes themselves. Is there any sense to these sinister groups? Or will the unreckoned forces behind such Deadly Cults remain…UnXplained?

Episode 5 – Extreme Weather Mysteries Tuesday 7th July at 9pm

A house that narrowly dodges the path of a tornado. Rain that falls from the sky like blood. And lightning that follows you…into your home. Our world is full of strange and mysterious weather phenomenon that we still have no explanation for. Is it a result of just simple scientific anomalies, or could there be a stranger, more spiritual force at work?

Episode 6 – Mysterious Stones Tuesday 14th July at 9pm

A miraculous meteorite falling from the heavens. A priceless gemstone with a deadly curse. And a chunk of sandstone considered so sacred that wars have been fought to protect it. Throughout history, many have insisted that simple stones can do everything from choosing a king to causing death. So, what is it about rocks and stones that inspires some people to worship them?

Episode 7 – Vampires & Werewolves Tuesday 21st July at 9pm

For centuries, people have used tales of vampires and werewolves to portray the inexplicable urges that lurk inside us, such as the desire for immortality, sexual power, or feral ferocity. Some believe that the magnetism surrounding such fiendish brutes is perpetuated by authors and filmmakers, who merely indulge our fascination.

Episode 8 – Amazing Animal Abilities Tuesday 28th July at 9pm

We all know dogs have a great sense of smell, but is it possible they can smell disease? For one dog owner, the answer is clear, because her husky Sierra was able to detect cancer long before her doctor. But the scientists still aren’t sure how Sierra could possibly have done it. Was it truly smell? Or some more mysterious sixth sense?