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The UnXplained: episodes

Episode 1 – Evil Places

Deadly forests. Haunted houses. Mountains where visitors never return alive. Are there such things as ‘evil places’? Places where bad things seem to repeatedly – and inexplicably – happen? And if so, is it possible that these locations are imbued with dark energy that is currently beyond our understanding?

Episode 2 – Mysterious Structures

For centuries, archaeologists have tried to unravel the mysteries of how, and why, certain incredible structures like the Great Pyramid at Giza, the staircase at Loretto Chapel, and Coral Castle were built. Will we ever find the answers? Or, might these structures have been intentionally constructed to perpetually mystify us?

Episode 3 – Unnatural Nature

Many mysteries of planet Earth are far from understood. How was Devil's Tower formed? Or why do some people get struck by lightning multiple times? While some may write off these as random occurrences, might they instead point to a new understanding of not only our planet's past…but also its future?

Episode 4 – Strange Creatures

Millions of people around the world claim to have had an encounter with a creature unlike any recognised by mainstream science – such as the Mothman, Chupacabra, and Mongolian Death Worm. Could these incredible creatures be real? And if so, what could possibly explain these freaks of nature?

Episode 5 – Bizarre Rituals

Ancient practices such as prayer, blood sports, voodoo, and exorcism are often thought to be relics of bygone superstition – but there is evidence they have an impact on the physical world. Is it possible that the mind and body can use the power of ritual to tap into hidden forces that lie just beyond the grasp of conventional explanation?

Episode 6 – Life Beyond Death

Perhaps the greatest unexplained mystery of all is: what happens to us after we die? Perhaps clues to the answer lie in unusual cases of near-death experience, reincarnation, and how memories can be passed from organ donors to transplant recipients. Are these phenomena figments of our collective imagination, or could they be real?

Episode 7 – Mysteries of the Mind

Even after centuries of study, the human mind remains as inscrutable as ever. Could the quintessential human machine, the brain, be even more powerful than we realise? And does that suggest that fantastic abilities such as ‘Remote Viewing’ will one day be recognised not as science fiction, but as science fact, even if, for the moment, they remain unexplained?

Episode 8 – Incredible Survivors

How do some people live through the impossible? Whether it's plane crashes, freezing temperatures, or performing superhuman feats while in danger, remarkable tales of human survival force us to reconsider what we know about our own will to live. Do we have a hidden reserve of inexplicable energy locked away inside us that only gets released when the situation calls for it?