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Please note: This is an archived webpage for a show that no longer airs on Sky HISTORY

The Lowe Files on Sky HISTORY

The Lowe Files

The Lowe Files follows Rob Lowe (Parks and Recreation, The West Wing) and his two sons, Matthew and John Owen, as they travel the US to explore unsolved mysteries, a curiosity that Rob has had since early childhood and has now been passed down to his boys. While fun in spirit, the Lowes meet with experts, use high-tech monitoring equipment and take in-depth training courses. Their missions include: an alien base located 2,000 feet underwater off the coast of Malibu; working with a renowned shaman at Preston Castle; an abandoned boys’ reformatory; and training with a top-secret government operative in methods of remote viewing. For Rob, the goal is to create lasting memories with his two beloved sons who are on the verge of adulthood with their own lives, careers and families ahead of them.

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