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The most famous people involved in the Oak Island mystery

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

From FDR to Sir Francis Drake, Oak Island has attracted a number of famous names over the centuries. Join the #TheCurseOfOakIsland team as they discuss how each of these famous people have been involved over the years and how they might just be connected to any treasure buried on Oak Island.

One of the famous faces involved with the Oak Island mystery and often mentioned on The Curse Of Oak Island is Sir Francis Drake.

Sir Francis Drake (born in1540 exact date unknown and died on 27 January 1596) was a famous English explorer, naval officer, and later privateer, who sailed the high seas in the late 16th century during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First from 1577 to 1580. Sir Francis Drake was also the first Englishman who circumnavigated the world. Sir Francis Drake looted millions of dollars in gold and jewels from the ships he encountered. Legend has it that he once captured a Spanish galleon carrying more than 200 million dollars worth of gold silver and gemstones and according to area historian Paul Speed, the team had recently found the smoking gun evidence to support his theory that Sir Francis Drake brought his ill-gotten fortune to Oak Island. The most interesting and compelling part of the puzzle is that Sir Francis Drake, on his last Caribbean raid he would ever part take in, got dysentery and died. Moreover, they are still looking for Sir Francis Drake's coffin and if Sir Francis Drake truly did build oak island then maybe Sir Francis Drake wanted himself interned on Oak Island. Buried with all his treasure. "Is it possible? Anything's possible. Sir Francis Drake was an accomplished individual there are mysterious circumstances around his life and his death. So we have to continue to keep an open mind and do our own research" says Rick Lagina.